Friday, June 28, 2013

Resume Cover Letter: Senior Housing With Employment

Carl G. Mueller
4141 Pacific Hwy.
San Diego, CA 92110

Phone contact:
My VVSD case manager Paul R. Ostrom,  (619) 393-2074

Resume Cover Letter

I am applying for both unassisted senior housing and also employment within your senior housing program. 

The main point is to help bring seniors together with grandchildren and other seniors.

This is done by having grandchildren view videos created by grandparents.

I teach video creation by showing seniors examples how I’m learning and making mistakes.
Proof I know how to do this can be seen on the internet at:
1. This web page shows my Resume

2.  www.     Under Construction      This resume shows on video how I learned video

Acceptance into your senior housing without employment will also bring the above teaching skills voluntarily.


Thank You,
Carl G. Mueller

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vietnam Veteran's Resume

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 1968
4141 Pacific Hwy.
San Diego, CA 92110 

Phone contact and references for personal stupid teaching ideas:
My case manager Paul R. Ostrom,  (619) 393-2074
Housing and employment resume
I’m applying for Senior Housing.  I would also like to know if part time employment might be available within your company in order to help pay the rent in the event my insurance(s) and small incomes are to insufficient?  My interests in seniors and newly acquired life skills might be helpful to your clients, their families, and your staff.  My last thirteen months have sorely opened up my eyes regarding some of Society’s lethargic appreciation for the skills that us elderly can provide.   Therefore I have enclosed my resume of skills.  Skills that are available free in the event my insurances and income are sufficient.

My newly invented stupid teaching ideas make learning fun.

This is done by using my stupidity  Exposing my own stupidity has proven to be a little bit on the funny side because I’m not that smart to begin with.

I will also teach video creation by showing seniors how I learn from my mistakes.  This mistake filled learning and teaching Internet video will be coming soon.   

I’m currently enrolled at:
San Diego Continuing Education Program
3249 Fordham Street, San Diego, CA 92110

In one of my Continuing Education class there are more seniors then those under the age of 55.  For me it’s really great learning with seniors, especially when compared to living and learning with the middle aged men at VVSD.
This “senior learning opportunity” is new for me because I spent 11 of the last 12 years living by myself on top of the mountain at Big Bear Lake, CA.  The snowy ice winters are not senior friendly.

After 25 years I recently left the mountains of Big Bear Lake, CA not only because of the rent increase but also because the snow and ice was now becoming too risky.  Moving from the mountains and working with the Veterans Administration in San Francisco and now San Diego has helped me make the transition from a self controlled pace of retired mountain living to the faster pace of city life.  I’m looking forward to the learning opportunities in a senior living home and exploring the city and smaller towns with their Ocean shoreline, while still being able to enjoy the self controlled pace of retired life. 

 I have two types of insurances:
I’m 67 years old and have been receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for over 12 years, now it’s $970.00 per month net.  I have Social Security Insurance Part A & B.  I’m also a Vietnam Veteran and have Veterans Insurance.  In 1999 and 2000 Loma Linda Veterans hospital of CA gave me two total hip replacements Right and Left. My Social Security paid for the operations in full. VA doctors did an excellent job.  I receive no money from the military or any insurances companies.  No mental problems.  Being homeless is my only problem.
Physical & mental health excellent:
No problems with my hip replacements.  In fact I’m an avid walker and hiker.  I’ve been living and hiking the mountain regions of Big Bear Lake for the past 18 years with no hip or other physical or mental problems. Referrals available upon request.

My excellent mental health face

Index of  seven skills that could help seniors
1.  Personalized artistic rock gardens

2.  Fishing tricks

3.  Artistic inexpensive mistake free painting

4.  Teach grandchildren to use new technology with old fashion methods!

5.  Newest technology

6.  Other of my own enjoyable activities and future interests

7.  Work history of 20 to 40 years ago:

 Seven of the skills
1.  Personalized artistic rock gardens
My own rock garden, after three summers of enjoyable creations filled the front, one side, and back of my corner lot in Big Bear Lake.  All gardens where designed for easy rearranging so as to accommodate my changing artistic inspirations.  One arrangement had a large canoe filled with dirt with various growing flowers.  The canoe was dug into the ground on a slight angel so as to represent the back half being in the water and front half being out of the water. Large rocks surrounded the canoes’ upper out of the water section. The lower water section was surrounded with blue, white and other flowers to represent water and some waterweeds.  For added affect the canoes’ anchor rope was tied to an adjacent tree.

Next personalized rock garden was for my 81year young neighbor lady who also had a large corner lot. Her rock and flower gardens where to be designed not only for flowers and rocks but include tunnels for chipmunks and a small waterfall for every walking, crawling and flying thing in the mountains of Big Bear Lake. 

Two conditions where needed with the creation of her flowered rock gardens.  First was keeping the price down by using the rocks that were unearthed as I dug (We lived in the section of Big Bear Lake called Boulder Bay).  The second condition was training her dog Honey Bear to stay on the circled trails running throughout her three gardens.  She bought Honey Bear as a puppy not knowing little puppy Honey Bear would turn into a moose of a dog!  It was fun training with Honey Bear because I too was professionally trained by using my almost as big German Shepherd Cindy.

2.  Fishing tricks

I enjoyed learning while teaching the seniors and grandchildren about fishing from the shoreline of Big Bear Lake.  I have taught trout fishing to the grandchildren and wife of a prominent San Diego doctor while living in Big Bear.  I teach fishing to be a fun experience whether or not we catch fish.  Of course I don’t tell that to the kids.  The grandparents figure it out rather quickly and enjoy the other activities I use to fill-in when the fish aren’t biting.  Fill-in activities such as making hook less fishing necklaces, cooking, eating and recording all this on video. Another important trick is for me to be well organized before the fishing begins so the lines can be put in the water as soon as possible and this is where I explain how “we trick” the fish.  I use the catch and realize method.   Of course each fishing pole has its own name and many pictures and videos are taken!  In Big Bear Lake I was known as the King of shoreline fishing.J

3.  Artistic inexpensive mistake free painting
I’m also rather innovative when it comes to inexpensive ways to do artistic paintings.  I do the paintings in an abstract impressionistic style.  We can’t really make a mistake when using that style.  The painting is done on a regular #9 business size envelope.  I use varying types of cheap paints.  Because we are painting on regular envelope paper it’s always exciting to witness how some paints blend together with water while other paints don’t.   I paint the back of stencils and press them onto the blended paints thus more blending “layers”. No drawing skills are needed for stenciling!  After the envelope has dried I sometimes use a colored or black fine tipped cheap roller ball pen to add effect where some of colors intersect.  This is where a non steady hand can be an advantage when doing this abstract impressionistic style of art.

4.  Teach grandchildren to use new technology with old fashion methods!
Another advantage of using envelopes as art work is we now can insert a letter and photos of each other painting the envelope.    We then can put a stamp on the painted envelope and return address on the back and mail it to grandchildren or other seniors.  The advantage of sending the envelopes the old fashion way, by using the U.S. postal mail services, is that the envelopes are now postmarked and dated thus verifying the authenticity of the artistic artwork because the postmarks are on top of the envelopes art.   Now the receiver has a collectable treasure and they might even return the favor with their own hand painted treasure containing a letter and pictures inside.

5.  Newest technology
I’ll teach seniors by showing how I’m learning by using the Apple smart iPhone.
I’ll show by video how I’m learning to record video on my smart Apple iPhone.  I’ll teach seniors how to send video by email, and how to edit and place all this teaching information on our own free webpage.  WE LEARN TOGETHER!!     
6.  Other of my own enjoyable activities and future interests
1.  Education by professional instructors and self education

2.  Reading, writing, computers, photography and film making

3.  Movies, plays, art galleries, museums, football, basketball, baseball, cards and board games

4.  Bicycle riding and repair, Health clubs = Swimming, light weight lifting, steam and saunas

5.  Enjoy: people, dogs, cats, all farm & wild animals, gardening, working, shore fishing

7.  Work history of 20 to 40 years ago
1.  Welder by trade
2.  Sold bookkeeping and tax services to small businesses

My Artistic face
3.  Sold cars and webpage designs.

Thank You,
Carl G. Mueller Vietnam 1968

This is my, O.K. whatever face.
My Email: