Monday, July 15, 2013

Teaching myself solar and looking for help

I’m 67 years old and collecting SSDI for the past ten years. Basically I was forced into early retirement. I’m now using this VVSD Job Club as an opportunity to show my hobbies and then put the information on a FREE webpage in order to teach others about turning a hobby into a business. Maybe sell the business.  I’m also teaching myself while I’m teaching others.  It’s all about Googling and some common since thinking?

Two Solar ideas:

1st Find Solar jobs and training using Google.

2nd Training about electric bikes and or motor cycles:

A.     Manufacture

B.      Owning the business

C.      Selling

D.    Selling your business


1st  Business Hobby Idea:

Solar Career Finders 4U

 New San Diego Company can help you start a career in the solar industry.

 We can create your own business.


We can Job Search 4U.

 Solar Career Finders 4U, finds jobs $20.00 per hour or more.  

Jobs range from solar calculations to basic construction labor. No jobs under $20.00 per hour.

 Our cost is negotiable and or 10% of your first ten paychecks that exceed over $1,000.00 per week.

Here is how Solar Career Finders 4U works 4U.

We use the Internet magazine HomePower to find solar jobs and training.

HomePower is about companies that train for installation and maintaining solar panels, wind and water turbines.

2nd Solar Business:

 Training how to manufacture electric bikes and motor cycles.

build electric scooters

build electric motorcycles

build electric cars

build vespa

how to make an electric bike

how to make electricity with a bicycle

how to build a 50mph electric bike

 Training how to own your own electric bike company.

 China Connection?

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