Tuesday, October 15, 2013

H. Carl Mueller Communications, Inc. is NOT Carl G. Mueller

Picture of me Carl G. Mueller

Not H. Carl Mueller

 President of Mueller Communications, Inc.


Carl G. Mueller
525 14th Street, Apt. 325
San Diego, CA 92101

1749 North Prospect Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Hi, I’m, formally from Brown Deer Wisconsin 1945-1982, now living in San Diego, CA but still a Green Bay Packer fan first.  I’m writing this letter because I came across your company because I was Googling information about me and one of my blogs.  The blog in question is asking for help in preventing Veterans suicides by using humor.

Your company’s voluntary assistance helping in the prevention of Veterans suicides would be greatly respected not only from America in general but I’m sure from President Obama too. I say this because we here a lot of government commercials, in this military town of San Diego, about requesting companies help towards getting veterans jobs.

I’m just a one man Vietnam Veteran activist who spent the last year and half living in City homeless shelters in San Francisco, Oakland and the last seven months at VVSD San Diego.  I was very disappointed in the lack of help form the Veterans Administration thus I now seek help from outside the government.  A friend told me about Potiker Family Senior Residence which accepted me Sept. 18, 2013.

Carl G. Mueller a suicide survivor.
http://Vietnam Veteran Seeks Housing.blogspot.com/
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